Karniel foster a culture of invention. We create wellbeing products, service and experiences that enhance people’s live in every way. With a vast portfolio of brands we connect and improve peoples lives in so many ways.

The innovation we foster at Karniel is the key to our progress and we constantly improve our brands through enhanced nutrition, latest scientific research and endeavours as well as improving a product properties through better taste, fragrance, and functionality.

We continue to invest every year in research and development, as well as having a robust customer research facility that ensures all our products are the best in their given category.


Karniel Pacific Indonesia is a consumer goods company established in 2014. We produce a range of products, such as beverages and dessert products. Our established brands include S’CAFE, S’Tmaniz, and Aquamamma. With a focus on consumer needs and through ongoing innovation, Karniel has launched superior products that always deliver the best quality products.

At Karniel, we aware that our achievements cannot be separated from the support of consumers, employees, and the values that we have believed in from the beginning. Togetherness and hard work of many different parties have formed Karniel into a company that is committed to constantly improve on products and work processes to meet all consumer needs.


At Karniel we have a mission that defines our core purpose and helps to direct our actions and activities


To be a world Food & Beverage class company with premium and quality product.



With a commitment to continued innovation and quality improvement as our passion; We run our business with fully respect to all stakeholders.




At Karniel we believe sustainability is a powerful opportunity to innovate, allowing us to deliver products that deliver maximum benefits with minimal impact on the environment.

We work across all our operations – from development to delivery, material to manufacturing and production, in order to understand where our action have the greatest impact and where we can influence the greatest change both locally and internationally.

In considering the impact of our products on the environment we look at several indicators including carbon footprint, water usage, non –renewable energy use and solid waste generation, and than develop strategies to reduce these factors.


At Karniel we contribute to sustainable development, including the welfare of society while maintaining the high expectations set by our key stakeholders. Our CSR strategy is integrated throughout our organisation and it is practised in all our relationships be they internal or external.

We are committed to creating positive social change around the world, so all our users can have happier and successful lives. We bring inspiration to communities where we live, work and play.

We are convinced that all our future and success is inextricably linked to our guardianship of the environment and to our commitment to quality and safety and wellness, and society as a whole.

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